Memory Manager version 2

FastCode Memory Manager B&V 2.0.1 - 23-Apr-2006

2007 Benchmarks:


E Link Replay Logs (7zip) (zip)
LinkCom+Server Replay Logs (7zip)
Web Broker Replay Log (7zip)
Reservations_System_MMUsage Log (7zip)
XML Replay Log (7zip)
BC3 Replay Log (7zip)
Document Classification Replay Log (7zip)


This B&V is similar to the 1.1 series and is intended to be used by MM authors to test thair latest entries while the more significant changes are made for the 2.1 series.

All MMs have been added back to the batch files. Some of these may stil lock up, so be careful.
- Removed Delphi 6 support from the batch files.
- Added Delphi 2006 suport to the batch files.
- Updated FastMM - 4.64
- Updated DKCMM - 0.32
- Updated BucketMemDKC_ASM

Note that the older versions of the NexusMM trial DCUs are still being used, which do not support Delphi 2006. These will be updated as soon as new trial DCUs are available.

Some older zips for version 2 of the Memory Manager Challenge.

DKC Modified BucketMM_Asm

DKC Memory Manager Version 0.30

A new realloc benchmark based on QC 24077

EWCMM Bugfixed by DKC

Fixed bug with SSE2 instructions in SSE function

Modified LinkedListBench & new LinkedListBench

Bugfixed Move Benchmarks

5 new realloc validation functions. Catches FastMM4 and D2006 RTL MM minor issue

QMemory Bugfixed by DKC

A New Validation Function